Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Give Away on Etsy Inspired

Etsy Inspired is hosting a challenge this week.  If you feel so inclined to join in on the challenge, visit them and you a bumble bee mini clasp purse!



Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy Canada Day, eh?

In celebration of Canada my husband, Kevin, myself and two of our friends went out and picked strawberries, and boy did we ever have a glorious day for it! If you've never picked strawberries before, it is quite a lovely experience! You pay for the strawberries you take home, but while you're out in the fields you are welcome to eat as many berries as you can!

We ended up leaving with 5 cartons of fresh strawberries. The car smelled like fresh fruit all the way home. When we got home we cleaned all of them and divided them into the "eat now" and "freeze for later" categories so we can be sure to have some fruit for during the long winter months.

Here are some pictures from our beautiful Canada Day!

If you don't live near a u-pick strawberry farm, here are some lovely strawberry inspired creations from some very talented Etsy creators


(Click on any of these Etsy store names to be redirected to their shops)

All Organic From My Garden Strawberry Jam
from HippieMade's shop

Luxe strawberry necklace
from joojooland's shop

Mossy with Red Strawberry Screen
Printed Shirt
from WrenWillow's shop

Strawberries and Cream -
Cotton - Reusable - Table Napkins
from MaryLittfin's shop