Wednesday, May 12, 2010

my new ring from Morado and the Keel's Simple Diary...

...a few days ago i ordered a ring from morado.  well, it's here and it is stunning!  it came beautifully and thoughtfully packaged and was such a treat.  i asked purva if she could create a ring with a specific color i had in mind and she was able to match it exactly.  her creations are beautiful and well worth the purchase, i highly recommend morado's shop!


...and yes, that is my keel's simple diary.  have you tried one yet?  they are so much fun and make a great gift too, which is how i got mine. they come in a rainbow of colors to choose from and are resonably priced here:

...hope your having a good week!  grace has been very busy painting her new house, it will be exciting to see some pictures when they are done.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Antique Textiles Vintage Fashion Show & Sale

...yesterday i went to the antique textiles vintage fashion show & sale in sturbridge, massachusetts and had an amazing time! andrew took me and i don't think he realized what he was getting himself into, but he was pretty good about it.  i read about this show in the may issue of martha stewart living and being from canada the shows they talk about are always too far away for me to go.

...but this time it was not!  only 40 minutes away from us here in boston so we had to go. i had it planned a month ahead but little did i realize just how good it would be.  i discovered these handkerchiefs there and it was love at first sight.  i didn't buy them nor did i think to take into account who designed them.  after a little online research later on in the day i found the name of one designer who (i'm pretty sure) did the first handkerchief shown: Pat Prichard.  but who did the others, does anyone know?  i've decided to start collecting these awesome handkerchiefs, eventually...

...i did buy one thing though, and the lady selling it gave me a deal, thank-you to her very much!  it is an original drawing, probably from the 40's but there is no signature or anything.  i love it soooo much.  i can't wait to frame it and hang it up in my studio.  



...this saturday we're going to the brimfield antique show, i've been hearing good things!  2 weeks today is the move date, starting the 3-day trek back to canada.  maybe 3 more weeks and house hunting, possibly/hopefully? maybe it won't be too much longer before i'll have a studio to call my own.  :)


Sunday, May 9, 2010

happy mother's day

...happy mother's day to all moms out there, and especially to our own!

..."sorry I can't be there to celebrate with you mom.  i have every confidence that dad and aaron (my brother) will make it a very special day for you" mom is so much fun, she always has been.  when we were little she would throw us the greatest birthday parties!  when i was a young girl she indulged my obsession with unicorns by renting the video "the last unicorn" at least once a week and she also decorated my bedroom in a complete unicorn utopia.  she always took us on creative outings: skating, tobogganing, sleigh rides in the wintertime and when the weather grew warm the zoo, tinker town, picnics and of course the beach!  thanks mom, my childhood was filled with excitement and wonder.  and of course we still have loads of fun together!

..."a toast to many more fun times ahead, i love you mom."

...andrew and i are moving in about 2 weeks!  i'll see you soon mom!  as i mentioned previously, we are moving back to canada, to winnipeg.  and just to let you know, i'm having a sale in my other shop to hopefully lighten our load a bit...