Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I want to ride my Bicycle, I want to ride my Bike...

Well, summer has finally arrived in Winnipeg (although we've had an awful lot of rain lately...) and one of the many things that I have been waiting for all winter is to be able to ride my bicycle again! I find nothing more relaxing that cycling through the park on a warm sunny day! Not a care in the world.

In celebration of beautiful days like today here are a few amazing cycle-inspired items from Etsy.

(Click on any of the shop names to be redirected to the artists' Etsy Shop)


NEW--LA POMME DARK YELLOW Messenger Bag from ikabags' shop
Bicycle Notecard Set- 7 blank notecards with matching envelopes from LittleKorboose's shop
Clock made from a recycled Bike cassette gears from pixelthis' shop
Vinyl Wall Art Decal Bicycle from WowWall's shop
Victorian Bicycle Make-Ready Print from visualingual's shop

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving"

~Albert Einstein


Monday, June 28, 2010

House of Art

Well, my husband and I are almost completely settled into our new home and are finally getting down to what's really important to us...ART! We love buying original art and supporting great artists. Over the past year I had advertised several Pieces & Artists on our blog that I felt a real connection to and I am pleased say that I was finally able to support these artists and get my hands on some of their amazing work!

A creative mind that I have been a huge fan of for a long time is Matteart (who I discovered on Etsy).  He is an amazing artist currently residing in Portland Oregon. His pieces are fun and inspirational and I am glad to say that 5 of his beautiful prints are now displayed in my front stairwell! It was a tough decision, but here are the 5 prints that my husband and I chose.

"Feeding Birds"
"Happy Outing"

"Lord Admiral Hiratio Byrd following his true dream became a florist after the great war"
"Sir Milton Crawford and his wife Lady Olivia Crawford return to London after a weekend in the country"
"Alfred was obviously underdressed for his induction into the Adventurers Hall of Fame"
The last piece (above) was featured in our blog several months ago on a wishlist of mine. I am so glad to say that I own one of these limited edition prints! To see the rest of Mattearts Designs visit his web-shop

Another artist that I featured on a past wishlist was Catalin. Her beautiful paintings are mesmerizing! When I first joined Etsy several years ago I was so taken with this shop that I sent them a message just to tell them how wonderful I thought their pieces were although at the time I had nowhere to display one of them. Well, it took 3 years, but here is the custom painting she did for us!

It is currently in the mail making it's way to Canada! I can't wait to hang this gorgeous painting above my piano where I can enjoy it every day. To see Catalin's entire collection of work visit her web-shop

Pictures of my fun, finished, furnished house coming soon!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Blogging Together - At Last!

So Monica has finally moved back to Canada and is now residing in not only the same country as me, but the same city! She has been back for almost a month and we have been having a great time crafting together. We both have a lot of respect for eachother's ideas, and that is very likely why we work so well together. It is so refreshing to have someone to bounce ideas off of in person. Sending emails to Monica wasn't difficult, but having her sitting beside me...well, sometimes she doesn't have to say anything to explain to me how she feels.

We are working on a whole bunch of new ideas. Here are a few of the new items available in our Etsy store. We hope you like them!

Marie Antoinette mini plus clasp purse in pink & blue
OOAK - Mini Clasp Purses

"Ooh La La" Parisian Beret Hat Band

(modeled by Monica)

Stay Tuned!

More exciting items will be added in the coming weeks...

Grace & Monica