Friday, June 25, 2010

Blogging Together - At Last!

So Monica has finally moved back to Canada and is now residing in not only the same country as me, but the same city! She has been back for almost a month and we have been having a great time crafting together. We both have a lot of respect for eachother's ideas, and that is very likely why we work so well together. It is so refreshing to have someone to bounce ideas off of in person. Sending emails to Monica wasn't difficult, but having her sitting beside me...well, sometimes she doesn't have to say anything to explain to me how she feels.

We are working on a whole bunch of new ideas. Here are a few of the new items available in our Etsy store. We hope you like them!

Marie Antoinette mini plus clasp purse in pink & blue
OOAK - Mini Clasp Purses

"Ooh La La" Parisian Beret Hat Band

(modeled by Monica)

Stay Tuned!

More exciting items will be added in the coming weeks...

Grace & Monica

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