Thursday, July 28, 2011

Completed Order for Valerie (paperandpurls)

Valerie selected a Bumble-bee mini-clasp purse.
Where ever Valerie goes, this little purse is buzzing along beside her!

Completed Order for Cynthia (harger1015)

Cynthia purchased an adorable "I heart Paris" mini-clasp purse
Where ever Cynthia goes, she takes a little bit of Paris with her!

Completed Order for Susan (emmylamb)

Susan purchased our "I heart Paris" mini-clasp purse.
Now everywhere Susan goes, she is sure to turn heads!

Completed Order for Margaret (aardvarkfifty)

Margaret chose a stylish Bumble-Bee mini-clasp purse with a hand stamped initial.
This is sure to have all the girls talking!

Completed Custom Order for Rachel (beachyr17)

Rachel ordered 5 bumble bee compacts for her bridesmaids.
These are sure to look swell on her big day.
Congratulations Rachel!

Friday, July 22, 2011

An Etsy Weddings Feature

Wow, we were so pleased to find this feature in our in-box.  So cool, thanks Etsy!!!  can you spot us...?

An Etsy Finds Feature

Last week we were featured in this Etsy Finds newsletter but we didn't notice until recently!  What a surprise it was to stumble across a few days later.  Thanks Etsy!!!   ....can you spot us...?

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Custom Order for Aya

This custom order was created for Aya.  She chose 4 mini clasp purses that were each different:

"kittens at play"
"bird in the garden"
"hanging to dry"
"under the sea"

Completed Custom Order for Jenny

Just completed this adorable custom order for Jenny:

3 adorable small clasp "under the sea" purses
1 mini-clasp bumble bee on blue
1 mini-clasp curious kittens with blue accents