Thursday, February 25, 2010

my trip to quebec city

...what a busy couple of weeks I've had! sorry you haven't heard from me in a while and thanks to grace for keeping up with our petite blog. i went to Quebec city with my mom in early to mid february. what a beautiful city, i had never been! i ate a few yummy crepes, practiced my français a bit and saw a lot of snow. glad i wore my winter boots since there's no need for them here in boston... hope you enjoy a few highlights of my winter get-away.

...we stayed in the heart of old quebec city at le château frontenac which overlooked the st. lawrence river.

...we explored old quebec city a lot on the first day with its narrow roads and old stone buildings. we even went on a horse drawn carriage ride!

...we saw a haute couture exhibit with pieces ranging from 1947-1957 and it was fabulous! dior, givenchy, chanel, oh my! (i wasn't allowed to take pictures...)

...ate in some cool restaurants

...and had a few bol de café

...and one of the most interesting things was visiting an ice hotel. we weren't adventurous enough, but some people actually do spend the night! plus i got to roll up *and eat* hot maple syrup on snow, a winter tradition.


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Tea Time with EmenGee

Playing dress up has been one of my favorite things to do for as long as I can remember. As you grow up, finding opportunities to put on a costume and have a good times with friends becomes more and more difficult. For this reason I think that Tea Parties are a wonderful thing. Whether it's 2 or 20 of your girl friends, any number is a perfect opportunity to put on stunning hats, gloves, accessories and dresses and just sit around chatting or playing a game of EmenGee's favorite game, Rummy.

To help get you started, here is a little bit of inspiration from a few talented artists and vintage sellers on Etsy.

Party Dress: This stunning little number is available at TimelessVintageVixen's Shop. Her shop is filled to the brim with amazing vintage finds specializing in high quality vintage dresses. If you love vintage dresses like I do, be sure to check out this amazing shop.

Cookies: No tea party would be complete without a mouth-watering treat like these Giant Chocolate Chip cookies from BusyBaker's shop. No matter what your taste, this shop is sure to have something to please your palate!

Shoes: These shoes are a tasty treat for your feet! They would look adorable with jeans or a party dress. They are available at PranceAndSwagger's shop along with tons of other amazing vintage finds for men and women!

Feather Fascinator: A splendid addition to any outfit be it casual or formal, this little head-band packs a powerful punch. It is available along with a large selection of other colors and styles at Kaang's shop.

White Flower Studs: A sweet little earrings for a sweet little ear. These studs are a total flash back to he fifties! A must have for any upscale event! These earrings along with many other styles and colors are available at Sorelle's shop.

Necklace: A classic necklace! This piece would complete any 1950's ensemble. This adorable object is available at MaryGraceJewellery's Shop. Her shop is filled to the brim with beautiful Vintage inspired, handmade jewellery.

Teapot & Teacups: This wonderful handmade Tea Set is from OakBluffsPottery's Shop. This shop is full of amazing handmade ceramic pottery which features simple but elegant form and lots of colors to choose from.

Here is a fabulous website is you're looking for some information on planning your own tea party:

And, if you're interested, here are the rules to Rummy so you can start playing that with your girlfriends:

Good luck! Happy Tea-Partying!


Friday, February 5, 2010

scarf sale

Grace and I are hosting a scarf sale this weekend! All the items in the clearance section on our Etsy store are 25% off with a free brooch and free shipping. Once the weekend is over we are taking them down (to make room for new items!) until next winter so this is your last chance this year! Just thought we'd let you know, incase your interested!


Monica's Birthday Surprise

Some of you may have noticed Monica blogging recently about me going to Boston to visit her at the end of January. She believed that I would be arriving on January 29th and leave on January 31st. As a birthday surprise I arrived on her Birthday, January 26th! Monica's husband, Andrew, was a great help in planning this surprise and I couldn't have done it without him.

Having all of that extra time in Boston allowed me to get to meet a lot of amazing people and see a lot of amazing things. Monica took me to the Museum, Harvard as well as the Aquarium. Sight seeing aside, it also allowed Monica and I to spend a great deal of time crafting and discussing future projects.

Monica has recently started working with screen printing. I was thrilled when I realized that we would get a chance to do this together before this summer when she moves back to Canada. The entire process was a little bit time consuming but the end result was well worth all of the time and effort. Here are some pictures of the process.

Monica and I also had a lot of time to discuss upcoming projects. Although we email each other almost everyday, having all of that one on one time really gave us a good idea of what we need to concentrate on right now. I know that we're going to have some really awesome new items available in the coming weeks so stay tuned!