Tuesday, April 20, 2010

my beach day


...oh boy!  i can't believe i haven't blogged since march!  so sorry. this time of year is very busy for both of us here at EmenGee Designs. 

...grace and her husband are getting ready to move into their first home.
...and andrew and i are getting ready to move back to canada, we still have about 5 more weeks though.

...the weather in boston has been pretty good, there was even a beach day a little while ago.  i actually went to the beach, swam (well, kicked around in the ocean), soaked up the sun and played catch.  it was so much fun. 

...here are a few memories of my first 2010 summer day,
a summer day in april, hard to believe!

...the beach in Ipswich, MA.

...a little boy's kite.

...my husband andrew, throwing a stick and trying to
get it to land vertical.
...the tide was out, the ripples in the sand went on
and on and looked really cool.

...hope you enjoyed this little post and maybe some warm  
beach days will come your way too, if they haven't already!?


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Gracie's Dream House

So, as Monica had mentioned last week Kevin (my husband) and I have just purchased our first house! The whole process was exhilarating. When I mentioned to Monica that we had been pre-approved for a mortgage and were starting to look she warned me that the entire process would likely happen very quickly but I had no idea just how instantaneously we would become home owners! We  looked at 6 houses the first day (which actually ended up being the only day) and when we set foot inside the second house we both instantly felt like we were home! We still kept our schedule and saw the other 4 houses but they only made us want to bid more on the one that we had initially fallen in love with. We decided to put an offer on it, which was a huge decision. Some people put in five, ten, twenty offers before they actually purchase a home (that's what the market in Manitoba is like right now). We put in our offer and then had to wait for a day to hear what their decision was. When we got the call letting us know that our offer was chosen and that we had got the house Kevin and I were overjoyed!

To recap what I meant by quick:
Sunday - We see the house
Monday - We put in our offer
Tuesday - We are home owners!

Our possession date is May first. We've already successfully sublet our apartment for June first which means we will have one month of overlap where we can go in and paint, refinish the floors and decorate! In celebration, I've selected a few of my favorite houseware items from Etsy that I would own in heart beat if my financial situation would allow, but, after just making such a large purchase, they might have to wait for a bit!
Painting: This splendid painting from Catalin's Shop is streched across 5 10"x30" canvases. This item has been a favorite of mine for well over a year and I like to visit it on a regular basis. It is so full of life and color. It would be a wonderful addition to any home...but especially mine!

Spoon Rest: This beautiful Stoneware Spoon Rest from Martisart's Shop is beautiful, functional and affordable! With a real soft spot for ceramics, I'm sure I could find a place for this in my new kitchen!

Wall Clock: Having been obsessed with analog clocks for as long as I can remember (Monica will remember a time when there were 5 ticking analog clocks in my childhood bedroom) I was struck by the clean cut simplicity of this hanging clock by Uncommon. A new twist on an old classic.
This would look great in my new front entrance!

Napkins: This adorable set of napkins by OlofsDaughters would make a wonderful house warming gift for a trendy young couple (hint hint...). If you like these, you'll have to check out all of the other houseware available in their shop including adorable couch cushions!

Rug: This amazing rug has found a warm spot in my heart! Created from 100% recycled T-shirts this amazing piece by PlowGirl is sure to make a grand statement in your front entrance (or mine)! A truly remarkable idea!

Wall Decal: Always a fan older styles I was immediately drawn to this brilliant green wall decal of a vintage dress form by WillowCreekSigns. Once we've moved in to our new house and I have my own room for crafting and music (!!!) this would be an ideal decoration. It makes a statement but doesn't take up any space which is pretty great for a girl with as much stuff as me! WillowCreek makes a HUGE assortment of wall decals so if this one isn't quite your taste, you'll just have to visit their store and find one that suits you!

Hanging Planter: Just look at this! I don't think I can even explain the simple joy that this little hanging planter by MonkeysAlwaysLook brings to me! It is just so full of life!
This store is just filled to the brim with amazing finds, so be sure to check them out...

Bicycle Glasses: And they're off!...for a drink! These fun summer-time glasses by VitalHome are just too cute to pass up! I imagine filling them with homemade lemonade and then carrying them out to my friends on our new porch as the sun begins to set in the distance! These glasses are also available in an assortment of colors.

Well, a girl can dream, can't she?

Even if I can't quite afford to run out and buy all of my favorite things, they can certainly act as the inspiration for what we make of our new little house! Lots of color, life and love! I'll leave you with a simple picture of our new humble abode. I will certainly be posting more as we start to work on it!