Tuesday, April 20, 2010

my beach day


...oh boy!  i can't believe i haven't blogged since march!  so sorry. this time of year is very busy for both of us here at EmenGee Designs. 

...grace and her husband are getting ready to move into their first home.
...and andrew and i are getting ready to move back to canada, we still have about 5 more weeks though.

...the weather in boston has been pretty good, there was even a beach day a little while ago.  i actually went to the beach, swam (well, kicked around in the ocean), soaked up the sun and played catch.  it was so much fun. 

...here are a few memories of my first 2010 summer day,
a summer day in april, hard to believe!

...the beach in Ipswich, MA.

...a little boy's kite.

...my husband andrew, throwing a stick and trying to
get it to land vertical.
...the tide was out, the ripples in the sand went on
and on and looked really cool.

...hope you enjoyed this little post and maybe some warm  
beach days will come your way too, if they haven't already!?


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