Wednesday, May 12, 2010

my new ring from Morado and the Keel's Simple Diary...

...a few days ago i ordered a ring from morado.  well, it's here and it is stunning!  it came beautifully and thoughtfully packaged and was such a treat.  i asked purva if she could create a ring with a specific color i had in mind and she was able to match it exactly.  her creations are beautiful and well worth the purchase, i highly recommend morado's shop!


...and yes, that is my keel's simple diary.  have you tried one yet?  they are so much fun and make a great gift too, which is how i got mine. they come in a rainbow of colors to choose from and are resonably priced here:

...hope your having a good week!  grace has been very busy painting her new house, it will be exciting to see some pictures when they are done.


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