Sunday, November 29, 2009

I belong to an Artist Coop ( in Winnipeg Manitoba and this weekend we had our 2 day Holiday Craft Sale. This sale is always tons of fun because almost all of the artist are there at one time (which never happens under normal circumstances), and we get wonderful feedback about our work. This is my 3rd Holiday Sale since I joined the Coop in 2006 and it was certainly my most successful sale so far!

This year a couple of my pieces really stood out among the rest. The gold medal has to go to my "Sweet Pea Pendants". These little peas were so very well received! I had 10 of them for sale and by the end of day one, only 1 remained. I was so inspired by the demand that during a few slow hours today at the studio I whipped up over a dozen more of them, some of which have already been spoken for. I'm hoping to have custom orders for this item available in the New Year!

The silver medal went to my vintage button brooches. I've been making these for over 3 years now and must say, this years batch were a notch above my previous attempts. I sold over 20 of them in 2 days and many of buyers were repeat customers. They are so colorful and fun to wear, it's no wonder they are a popular item!

1 down 1 to go! Next craft sale December 5th at the Folk Fest Store in Winnipeg.


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