Monday, March 29, 2010

Rainy Day- Etsy Inspirations!

...i came across this beautiful print by Etsy artist Kecky the other day and it inspired me to create a rainy day outfit.  i love the vintage cartoon look of this print and the subtle neutral tones.  the detail is amazing in this drawing and the hat is just adorable!

...i thought i could add just one thing to my rainy day outfit, a pop of crimson! 

...looks like it will be raining here in Boston for a few days and i know how much the dreary grey skies can get a person down. so why not add a little pop of color to your rainy day ensemble?! not only will you feel a little bit happier but it may also bring a smile to someone else's face.

... clockwise from top left: Leighton, Bubble Umbrella
~just a hint of red on this clear bubble umbrella, so stylish and fun!

...couture by UntamedMenagerie  ~this necklace is just the cutest, handmade and cut from acrylic in a unique design.  i'm so impressed with this shop, their items are fabulous!  i'm eyeing up a few... and so reasonably priced, "Couture" or any of their pieces would be a show stopping, eye catching, unique and trendy accessory!

...vintage silk kimono scarf by janetexcat ~this scarf is just lovely.  made from a vintage kimono, the colors and pattern are exquisite and it looks very well made.  a luxurious re-purposed silk scarf with a history of it's own, this is sure to be something worth cherishing for years to come.

...summer rain earrings by joojooland ~these earring are simply adorable.  visit joojooland's shop for more wonderfully charming accessories and ohh and ahh at the quality of her product photographs.

...skirted ruffled water-resistant trenchcoat by chezkevito ~this rain coat adds a splash of color to any dreary day.  i love the ruffles and the extra long belt.  a well made treasure good enough to take you through many chilly wet seasons.

...english rose ruffle dress by Lirola ~more simply divine ruffles! this grey dress is sleek, retro with a bit of modern romantic, i think.  best of all, it is made in your size, the color of your choosing and you can add sleeves if you wish!

...vintage miu miu red rubber rain boots from pupule ~vintage, red, italian and good condition.  need i say more?  visit pupule for more great vintage finds.

...1920's cloche by bonniesknitting ~handmade grey wool hat with a vintage czech glass buckle, this hat is made from vintage wool.  lightweight and super soft, perfect to cover your tresses from the stresses of a windy, rainy day.


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  1. What a fantastic collectio! I'm in love with that bubble umbrella! I really need one of those!

    And thanks a lot for including my earrings in your lovely blog!