Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Spring is Just Around the Corner.... celebrate with our FIRST EVER GIVE-AWAY!!

After a long Canadian winter (just 2 more months to go!) I find it inspiring and comforting to start looking towards some of my favorite aspects of Spring. Although I long for long walks, cycling and simply going outside without a jacket, my favorite thing about this season is that after a long, dreary Winter you suddenly find yourself completely surrounded by life & color!

Here is a little bit of inspiration!

Red Dress: I am and will always be a complete sucker for a full skirt! This little beauty can be found along with many other wonderful vintage finds in HillBillyFilly's Shop. Great selection and great prices. Be sure to check her out!

Flower Necklace: This powerful accessory was created by ShopPleasThankYou. Similar items are available by custom order. This would be a great necklace for a Spring bride. All of the pieces available in this store are one-of-a-kind treasures.

Blue & Red Earrings: These earrings are available from RoseBudBeads Shop along with many other reasonably priced lovely accessories.

Decorative Quilt: I fell in love with this amazing piece of art as soon as I saw it. (Upper left hand corner of my collage). This quilt has such spectacular detail and was all constructed and stitched by hand. In order to appreciate it fully, please visit CLappQuilts Shop and check out a larger picture of this item. CLapp is new to Etsy and I wish her the best of luck. Amazing work.

Hand Made Felted Beads: These colorful hand made felt beads would make a wonderful addition to any crafters already overflowing craft cupboard. They would add a wonderful splash of color to any craft project. This collection along with many other colors are available from Piril's Shop. Great gift idea for a creative child!

Seed Packet Set: Looking for a great for a fellow garden lover? Look no further. This Color Seed Packet set available from VintageGreenLimited's Shop includes 6 numbered seed packet pouches, 6 numbered identification sticks and 6 information cards. A great house warming gift!

Illustrated Print: This beautiful print of a girl amongst nature would be a beautiful addition to a childs room although Spring brings out the child in all of us. Available from Elsita's Shop along with countless other original works.

Spoon Ring: Who wouldn't want a beautiful ring made from their favorite flatware pattern? I know I would! This great ring is available in Goorsendjewelry's Shop along with many other patterns and pieces. I know I'm hoping to get my hands on one of these before the summer is through, and for less than $15 there's no reason not to!

Ceramic Bowls: Truly the inspiration for this entire blog post, these wonderfully colored ceramic bowls from LynnCardwellPottery's Shop are simply fabulous. I can just picture them on my patio filled with little treats on a warm spring day. These are available by custom order. Be sure to check out the rest of the items in this shop too!


We invite you to enter our give-away by becoming a follower of our blog and posting a comment about what you are looking forward to the most this coming Spring! You will be entered to win a $25 Gift Certificate at our shop: EmenGeeDesigns on Etsy. One comment per follower, winner will be chosen by a random draw.

Contest Ends Saturday March 6th, 12:00am CST, so get your comments in now! Winner will be announced in Monday, March 8th's post


  1. Hi,
    Thanks for featuring my bowls in your blog! I'm looking forward to the sunshine.

  2. Why hello there! I just started following you and am now commenting *wink wink nudge nudge* Let's see I'm looking forwards to running my business honestly. I've started Etsying and traveling full time. It's been fun thus far and it's getting pretty interesting! I can't wait to see where this goes :-)

    Come over and check out my blog, my mission this month is to get it up and going http://twoindustriousferretssupply.blogspot.com/

  3. You girls are very busy, look at the store. Spring is the time when you notice a bounce in everyone's step, people, dogs, cats, everyone is excited. Time for b-b-ques, walking, sitting and reading a book outside. I can't wait to have my morning coffee in the back yard. Of course wearing something spectacular from your store.

  4. In Spring, I look forward to throwing open the windows and sleeping in the cool, fresh breezes. I love the prep work in my garden and knowing that summer is only a few weeks away.

  5. This spring, I am looking forward to attempting to take my cats outside for a walk in the mud.

  6. I am a new follower.

    I am so looking forward to the flowers beginning to bloom and being able to take a walk in the sun without a huge coat!


  7. Hi guys!!

    This spring I am looking forward to be done school...after six years!! Thank god! I've also quit my job AND I'm going to Europe!

  8. this spring I look forward to cleaning up after a certain someone takes some cats for a walk in the mud. ... hold on... I'm not looking forward to that the most. I'm most looking forward to convocation and getting a real job! Adulthood here I come!!

  9. Spring is a long way off for me down in little old new zealand. So while you guys are frolocking through the daisies and smelling the roses send me your warm thoughts and help me find my scarf for the upcoming winter!!
    Thanks for mentioning my A.I.W prints, i'm in love with them too :) yahoo for cute things!

  10. hi there!
    thanks so much for featuring my flower necklace! I wanted to drop a little line, just noticed a typo. The jewelry line is please + thankyou, (said, please and thankyou) the etsy site is etsy.com/shop/shoppleasethankyou. sorry to be so nit picky, it's just so tricky with those etsy user names and all :) anyway.... thanks again, cute blog, great idea to stay in touch with a friend!
    oh, p.s daffodils are my fave in spring!

  11. Thank you SO much for using my jewellery as a part of this feature! I am so flattered! I linked it to my facebook fan page! Hopefully it will bring you some traffic! : )