Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me

Having just celebrated by 25th birthday on January 9th I noticed something peculiar. People always ask "what do you want for your birthday". I personally find that questions hard to answer. There are things that I would purchase for myself, but would never expect anyone else to buy for me. I always feel bad asking for something unless I actually need it. Just for fun I decided to take a look around on Etsy and pick out what I would buy for myself if I could buy all of my own Birthday presents. I must say, I had a very good time and hope to someday rationalize purchases from at least a few of these talented artists!

Grey Jacket:
This beautiful jacket was created by a very talented Etsian COTYLEE. This jacket looks both stunning and warm, which is something I look for contending with some very unpredictable Canadian weather! This seller's store is filled with beautiful treasures that I'm sure would suite any gals style!

The sleek and simple design of this ring by ROBANDLEAN is sure to make it an instant classic. This piece is classy and clean and would make a beautiful addition to any outfit.

One of my favorite items that I've ever had the pleasure of finding on Etsy, this top by Lirola is completely adorable. To me it perfectly combines high fashion & comfort. A perfect top to wear to the office or out for a night on the town. It is beautiful in every color and pattern it is available in.

An accessory that I can easily picture me (or Audrey Hepburn) strolling down the street with is this gorgeous bag by CrazyBoy. It puts a wonderful spin on a classic style. The size is functional without being too large.

Passport/Travel Case:
I've been eyeing up a couple of different travel document holders on Etsy but this one designed by DownStairsDesigns stands out among the rest. It had plenty of room for all of your required documents. I especially love how the patterned fabric is broken up with a beautiful textured solid. A traveling must have!

Art Print:
This art print by MATTEARTS is right up my alley! The style reminds me of one of my favorite Directors Wes Andreson's style of which I am a huge fan. This piece is so much fun, as is the title "Alfred was obviously under-dressed for his induction into the Adventurers Hall of Fame". I would be proud to hang this above my mantel.

Painted High Heels:
These hand painted high heels by NoraKaren are a fabulous piece of wearable art. These would look amazing with a simple black ensemble. All of this artists work is amazing. Well worth taking a look at.

With Monica's Birthday in just a few weeks, I can't wait to see what is on her wish list!



  1. I hope you have wonderful birthday and get all of your lovely things on the list!!!

  2. thanks so much for picking my shoes as a birthday gift! I feel so honored and flattered!
    Hope you have a wonderful time and turn every year younger and younger!

    Thanks girls!

  3. I really like the purse, too bad all sold out. Wonder if it had anything to do with your comments.

    Take Care, Iris

  4. Happy Birthday!!
    and nice finds! I love Nora's shoes they are one of a kind and so stylish, have fun!