Thursday, January 14, 2010

Christmas Show and Tell

I spent the holidays in Vancouver and was there for a few weeks. It was a great holiday! My husband and I, as well as our two cats, flew over there a few days before Christmas and just got back a few days ago. We stayed with Andrew's parents in their newly renovated home which had room enough for eight, add a couple of brothers and couple of friends, oh and don't forget two cats and one dog. We mostly stayed in and enjoyed family company, woke up late and stretched coffee time into the afternoon. One productive thing I did do was help to design and sew a dress for vocalist Katherine Penfold, (one of the friend's visiting) to wear while she performed at the concert Andrew headlined on Dec. 30th/09. But more on that will come later... All in all, we had a fabulous time in Vancouver this year.

But before I left, I received a box full of presents from my good friend (and co-creator of this blog and EmenGee Designs) Grace. It was sent early so I would get it in time unlike the present I sent to her which miraculously arrived on Christmas Eve, even though I knew I was cutting it quite close. The box was full of very thoughtful gifts, some of which by now she must know I enjoy but others that got me thinking perhaps she's a mind reader...?

~sussing out the "sitch" (abbr. for: situation), feeling, shaking, and practicing the technique of x-ray vision...
~The prettiest handkerchief, with a vintage floral pattern which I have a soft spot for.

~pretty vintage pictures in *pink*! frames, love them.
~Tea cup and saucer, did she know I've been collecting these?

~blank cards featuring impressionist paintings which I love, plus who couldn't use a whole slew of pretty black cards!
~Copies of the pictures I didn't get of the two of us at Grace's wedding last September.

~earrings handmade by Grace with Micheal Jackson's initials, and coincidentally, mine too!
~Two books to add to the shelf: Emma and The Cocktail Party, because I love to read...
I also received a vintage brooch and a cook book with only desserts, which is my favorite part of a meal!

Maybe Grace will show & tell what I gave her!


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