Saturday, January 23, 2010

Silk Screening

Here at EmenGee Designs we are embarking on a new way of expression, screen printing! We are super excited. The equipment is here with me in Boston so Grace won't get to experiment as much as I will until June. Why June? We're moving back to Canada in June. Grace and I will be in the same city again and able to really collaborate, face to face. But even more exciting is the fact that Grace and I will be able to collaborate even sooner, if only for a couple of days: Grace is coming to Boston this Friday! I'm so excited. We're going to talk shop, share ideas and maybe brainstorm up new ones, and just hang out like the good ol' days.

Back to the screenprinting. These images happen to be of my cat Marilyn. She is a very curious cat indeed. And she loves to pose for a picture, and I have many. I especially loved the angle I was able to capture her in for this photo and that is why I used it for my first screen printing attempt. I used a cotton/linen blended fabric in a natural shade. The purse on the right is our "mini clasp purse design" and the left is our "small clasp purse design." This is our first attempt of hopefully many screen prints and we hope people will enjoy our designs!


-original picture

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